Sunday, April 27, 2014

Wedding Planning is a Part Time Job..or Maybe Full Time...

It definitely has been months since the last time I have blogged. But I am back because although this wedding planning has been somewhat time consuming and I really want to document the last 6 months of planning and enjoy the process.

Wedding planning can be so fun yet so overwhelming. So many decisions and options! And once you feel like you have a good direction, I start second guessing. The one great advice I have gotten is that once you decide on something, STOP looking. Meaning, stop looking at Pinterest, wedding blogs, Instagram...for that specific item. It will seriously drive you cray cray! I do hope things get a little easier as time goes on, My next mission: Find the Dress! Any advice on all thing wedding I am totally open. Feel free to share! Here is a sneak peek of my venue and a shot from our engagement shoot.

Kristen Joy Photography

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  1. Welcome back! Your venue is so beautiful, and I look forward to reading about how the rest of your planning goes.