Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Well that was fast...I just bought a house!

Hello lovelies! I feel like I have been MIA lately but life happens and I have been preoccupied with buying my first house! Here is my story of the buying process.

To say the least, It has been a whirlwind of a week. I was approved to a buy a house several weeks ago but just started looking casually on all of the real estate websites and gathered my wish list.

1. Nice size yard-very hard to find in the Las Vegas market since they have a lot if cookie cutter homes.

2. Good location- of course real estate is always about location, location, location!

3. Something close to turnkey- I am not afraid of work but didn't want a money pit.

The next step was finding a realtor. Even though you can look for your own house on all of these websites, I still needed someone to help guide me and of course help me close the deal. My bf and I started working with an acquaintance and didn't have much luck. A few weeks ago, we decided to check out an open house in our neighborhood, right across the street. Walking in, I was hesitant to let them know that I was looking to buy since I didn't want to be bothered by another realtor just looking for a sale. We walked in to meet a married realtor team and they seemed really nice and genuine. After chatting with them, I agreed to let them send houses that fit my criteria. I left thinking," I guess it doesn't hurt to let them send us some listings". That afternoon, I received my first email from them and the days after, they were very professional and determined to help. It was a no brainer to choose them as my Realtors plus the two for one deal was quite appealing.

The following Sunday, the Realtors already had 7 houses lined up to look at. Even though I spent weeks looking at houses online, actually seeing the houses in person was a much different experience. You really cannot judge a book by its cover in the real estate world. I even had nicknames for each of the houses we visited. The Old Man House, Halloween Party, and The Stinker were just to name a few. I was quite exhausted by the end of the day.

After the seven houses, we narrowed it down to two choices. One that was over our budget and one that was right at our budget. We decided to put an offer on the first pick, although we knew it required a lot of work. Turns out it wasn't meant to be, because apparently the seller claimed they had an offer they were considering. Our next pick was a charming, one story house in a central location, that was in our budget and mostly fit all of our "must-haves". The Vegas market is incredibly competitive so in order to have any chance in buying this house, we needed to move FAST. So we did, and I put an offer out the next day. The offer was accepted within 24 hours and within a few days..... I had BOUGHT A HOUSE..OMG!

To be quite honest, although I was excited about this whole process, I was kinda freaking out that it went by so fast. I am the type of person that takes my time with my decisions, even when I am shopping for shoes. I need to time analyze and over analyze like some girls do. :) My bf did a great job educating  me about the market and the investment that I was making and really put my decision to ease. Our realtor noticed that "spark" from me when I walked into this house. In the end I really love it and I am so excited to be a homeowner. Now my head is churning with ideas for designing and cannot wait to start my projects. Here is a sneak preview of my first home!

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