Monday, September 2, 2013

Seasons of Life : Cara Box Reveal

In this month's Cara Box (started by Kaitlyn) we were paired with bloggers in similar "stages of life". This month I was paired with Lisa and Kate.

Kate claims to be a not-so-young professional living Boston. But I beg to differ in the fact that she is still so young and beautiful! I had so much getting to know Kate and I love reading about her personal experiences. This was one of my favorite posts from her. And I think if we lived closer together, I would definitely be down for hanging out with this girl.

Lucky for me I was also paired with Lisa again! Last month, I was creating a box for her and this month she was able to send a box to me. So we were like old friends when we got matched again. Lisa just graduated with her masters (Congrats!) and she is looking forward to her next chapter in life. I loved everything that Lisa had put together for my Cara Box, she was very thoughtful and included some of my favorite things. I mentioned that I was looking for a good lip balm with SPF and she got me one from Neutrogena that I now wear every day. It had the perfect tint of color that compliments my skin tone.  Thanks So Much Lisa! Here is my Cara Box Reveal.

Dark Truffle Coffee smelled so good! The Combos and Swedish helped cure my PMS that week :)

Yellow is one of my fav colors

I just bought the new Great Gatsby Soundtrack with this gift card! Yay!


  1. I'm so glad that you liked everything! :)

  2. Something looks familiar ;) Loved getting to know you and hope we will continue to do so!!!

  3. What a great box. I love when people take the time to get to know you in swap!