Saturday, September 28, 2013

I ❤ Honey

Most people use honey as an alternative to sugar but let me tell you about how HONEY saved me this week!

It is that time of the month where lovely Ms.Flow came for a visit and unfortunately for me, my PMS symptoms were in full swing. From emotional mood swings to craving sweets, my hormones were out of control! My doc says that your body goes through different hormonal changes throughout your lifetime and I swear my body is going through one now. Oh the joys of being a woman. Anyways, so being so out of it I somehow burned my hand on hot water trying to make tea. I thought I was fine, until the pain did not seem to go away.  After running it under cold water and a cold compress for hours, nothing seem to work. I looked up home remedies and honey was one that was suggested. I was willing to try anything to subside the pain. I ran to my cabinet and poured the sticky honey on my burn. Literally within a matter of minutes, the pain was gone and the honey seemed to soothe my skin. The next day, my hand was totally fine. No redness or scars. The honey worked amazingly!

This morning with my daily cup of Joe, I ran out of my coffee creamer and I have been trying to stay away from white sugar. Luckily I had some almond milk left and accompanied this honey powder that my mom sent me. She uses it in her coffee and tea and I figured I would try it since honey was so good to me earlier this week. It was quite delicious and I would definitely recommend it. Enjoy!

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