Friday, September 13, 2013

Going out on a School Night

Vegas is definitely not your ordinary town or city and living here can be quite interesting. I work your typical 8-5 job and I rarely go out on a "school night" since I feel like I need to be on my "A" Game at work the next day. I mean, I am in my thirties now and should be responsible right?

My friend works in the liquor industry here and often invites me to their events. This past week we were invited to the finals of the Bombay Sapphire Most Imaginative Bartender competition. Although I am not in the industry it is always fun to go and mingle to make new friends. These bartenders are the best of the best and crafted up some delicious cocktails. Oh and the bonus was that we got to check out the new club called LIGHT. It is the hot spot in Vegas these days and features Cirque Du Soleil performers. I actually didn't stay out too late and had an extra amount of energy the next morning. Maybe it was because of the excitement of breaking up my routine for a bit...

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  1. How exciting! It must be nice to know someone in the business so that you can venture out when you want to :)