Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer Wedding Attire

I went to a friends wedding a few weeks ago and decided to splurge on a dress. Only because surprisingly this was the only wedding I had to attend this year. I think one year I had 7 weddings..yikes! Needless to say my budget for attending weddings were through the roof!
 It was a summer wedding in Michigan and I wanted something light, classy and colorful.  I think you can wear some fun colors during this season. I walked into Anthro and this was the first dress I picked. What I love about the the dress is the layer of tulle underneath which added to the girlyness. It was comfortable enough to dance my heart out all night long. Such a fun wedding! 

Just add a pair of nude heels and voila!

My Lovely Ladies and I
The Beautiful Bride


  1. I love all things Anthropologie! Just wish it was more affordable! Love your dress :)

    1. Thanks Girl! I wrote a review on their website..which I normally don't do and that was my one con that the price was a little more than I would like...But I still bought it anyways! ha!