Sunday, August 18, 2013

How often do you see a Rainbow?

I had to share this picture of the rainbow I captured yesterday.  Actually, a Double Rainbow!! Living in the Vegas Desert, you rarely see rain. When it does rain, I love it because I miss the smell of rain and how refreshing it feels! We went out on the boat yesterday to Lake Mead, which is pretty much the only lake around. It is about a 45 min drive from my house or the strip and definitely where a lot of locals hang out during the summers.

Driving out to the lake it was 115 degrees! Oh my hotness! Once we got on the boat the clouds all of sudden came over us and it started lightning and thundering near the mountains. Then it started to rain a little...then is started to pour! I just hid under my towel for a moment and then it passed. Literally about 20 minutes later, we were swimming in the lake again! It was truly a memorable summer day!

Somewhere over the rainbow, the skies are blue, And the dreams you dream of really do come true

Here's my man wake surfing in front of the double rainbows

I you haven't seen this funny Utube clip of the "Double Rainbows" check this out! haha It is hilarious! 


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    1. Aw Thank YouI I am now following you and I look forward to reading your posts :)

  2. I rarely see rainbows so clear as your photo. So nice!!!