Saturday, July 27, 2013

Vintage Finds- Part 1

Happy Weekend! Just wanted to recap my Girls Trip last weekend in West Hollywood. Quite simply, eating good food and shopping sums up most of our weekend. Apparently it was LA Dine week so we were able to  enjoy a scrumptious prefix menu at Fig & Olive.

The one thing I was really excited for was the trip to the Melrose Trading Post. If you are ever in the area, you totally need to make a stop here! We met up with a few more friends and had so much fun exploring and shopping. I was so excited to find a vendor from my hometown called Detroit Trash. They had the most unique vintage jewelry made from antique pieces. You had the option to create your own necklace from the variety of charms they had. I chose an old Ford Tool Crib Tag which is from one of the old Ford Plants. It just so happens that my father used to work for a Ford plant so this piece was very sentimental for me and so meant to be! I added a tiny whistle and a free mason charm from the "women's division". I also got a pair of earrings that are made from the ends of bullets.

After the trading post, we headed to lunch and stopped at Crossroads for some more shopping! All in all it was a nice weekend with my girls. On to planning our next adventure. I am thinking a yoga retreat and spa package somewhere. Any Suggestions??

Mission Accomplished!

I layered the Ford tag with  tiny whistle (that still works) and a free mason symbol from the women's division.


  1. I love vintage fairs, you can find such special and unique pieces!


    1. Hi Laura! Thanks for reaching out! I tried replying from my phone several times and looks like it didnt go through. :( anyways I was wondering if there are any vintage fairs or markets that you visit near you?